Wallpaper Rendering Updates

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Today, we are releasing an update to our wallpaper materials and rendering.

It’s a difficult task to create materials in AR that seem realistic, because imperfections are what makes a material appear “natural”. Balancing that with maintaining color and material accuracy is tricky, and we wanted to strike the right balance.

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Often times, reference photography for a product focuses on eliminating the imperfections. When that reference is re-created in a 3D system, the results can fall into the “uncanny valley” and appear fake. Above, you can see the comparison between our new (test 1) and old (test 2) approach.

This change is server side, and we’ve invested in building out a system that lets us update materials, their properties, and even aspects of the engine over-the-air. All of that means, this update is already live in your app!

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