Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2021 🔮

2020 has been...well, we all know. We’ve learnt a lot about ourselves and the world, including just how much our well-being depends on the spaces we live in. So, we at Primer thought it would be fun to get excited about our homes all over again! 

“How?” you ask. We did a little bit of digging and put together a round-up of our 5 most favourite interior design trends for 2021, along with wall decor by Primer partners to help bring the trends to life. Inspired by nature, nostalgia and emotion, here’s how you can add a breath of fresh air to your home.

1. Rustic Vogue

L to R:  "Monkeys of Ghazipur” by Work + Sea, "Dried Flora" by Samantha Santana, "Scallop - Federal Blue" by clé tile

If you spend time on social media, you probably heard of Cottage Core - the trend that brought crafts and romantic countryside scenes to our feeds, wrapping us up in nostalgia for a simpler, more sustainable existence. Well, think of Rustic Vogue as Cottage Core’s more sophisticated cousin! Create the look with a mix of rustic and modern pieces and sprinkle a bit of texture with furnishings or tile, like clé tile’s “Scallop - Federal Blue”. Finish off with a nature-inspired wallpaper pattern, like “Monkeys of Ghazipur” by Work + Sea or “Dried Flora" by Samantha Santana, and voilà! Extra bonus if your home already has some exposed wood, like ceiling beams, wall panels or floorboards. Otherwise, add a reclaimed wood piece, or two, to bring it all together.

2. Vintage

L to R: "Remy" by CW Stockwell, "Banana Nicole Smith" by Kate Zaremba, "Palma" by Hygge & West

Vintage is another take on sustainability and simplicity, but BOLDER. Repurpose just a few statement antiques and retro pieces, and let a bold, bright wallpaper carry the rest of the room. Go for a 70’s vibe with Kate Zaremba’s “Banana Nicole Smith”, a mid-century look with CW Stockwell's “Remy”, or make Art Deco-esque dramatic geometry the focal point of your space with “Palma” by Hygge & West. The secret is to reference, not copy, plus create a contrast, so balance out the vibrant patterns with more neutral furniture.

3. Global Influence

L to R: "Arabian Nights - Fez" by Relativity Textiles, "Baobab Tree" in Yellow by Elle Gibson, "Bengal Sunrise" by Hygge & West

We’re all missing the freedom of travel and longing for an escape to faraway lands...So why not bring the faraway lands to you? Use tropical motifs and references of the outdoors to create a home that’s at once relaxing and energising. Wallpaper, like “Arabian Nights - Fez” by Relativity Textiles, is an easy win, while Elle Gibson’s “Baobab Tree” in Yellow will transport you straight to the African savannah. And if you’re ready for a delightful mural of creatures both great and small living together in harmony, we can’t recommend anything better than “Bengal Sunrise” by Hygge & West!

4. Earthy Shades

L to R: “Kalos - Cameo” by Eskayel, "Yeabridge Green" by Farrow & Ball, "Sumiscape - Shell" by Elworthy

Love nature but prefer a more understated aesthetic? Worry not! Because an earthy palette is all the rave. Dive head-first into nature’s splendour with rusts, neutrals, browns and warm greens, like Farrow & Ball’s “Yeabridge Green” wall paint, to create a comforting, welcoming space. You can also add a subtle accent with patterned wallpaper, like “Kalos - Cameo” by Eskayel and “Sumiscape - Shell” by Elworthy. As a finishing touch, throw in a few house plants to make your eyes, lungs and heart sing.

5. Ocean Hues

L to R: “Mermaids” in Ocean by Hygge & West, “Seaside - Robbins Egg" by Nottene, “Manson Morris - Odyssey Odd” by Ever Atelier

If you’re seeking tranquility, this last trend is for you. Blues have a calming effect on the brain so get that dose of peace with aquas and inky shades. And why not give a modern nod to the nautical with some quirky wallpaper patterns, like “Mermaids” in Ocean by Hygge & West, “Seaside - Robbins Egg" by Nottene and “Manson Morris - Odyssey Odd” by Ever Atelier.

Whatever your home decor preference, we hope that this little summary inspires you to get creative, try new things and express yourself through your surroundings in the new year. And while not all of us may have the budget for drastic changes, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint, a wallpaper accent wall or a few fresh rows of tile can make all the difference!

So go ahead and start experimenting by tapping the product links above to preview all these wall decor options in augmented reality, directly in your home, with the Primer app. It’s super quick, simple and most importantly realistic, so no need to order swatches or samples (we're waste-free!).

Happy decorating and Happy New Year!

Team Primer