Primer partners with clé tile to integrate its Augmented Reality technology with physical tile samples

Primer x clé tile collaboration: You can now launch previews of tile in Augmented Reality directly from physical samples

Physical tile samples can give you a great feel for a product, but they don’t give you an idea of how it would look at scale once installed. We’re very excited to collaborate with clé tile on our first ever Augmented Reality integration with physical product samples, making it possible to visualize handcrafted tile at scale with all of its unique details, texture, finish and sheen.

When embarking on a home improvement project, everyone wants to be sure of the design changes they’re making. After all, you have to live with them, and hopefully love them. 

For many shoppers, the doubt and anxiety of making the wrong decision is certainly real, especially when working on a budget.

Traditional try-before-you-buy methods, like physical samples, can give you a great feel for a product and its details.

But when it comes to high-consideration purchases like tile, physical samples leave most DIYers feeling unsure of how the product would look at scale once installed in their space, often resulting in a safe purchase, or no purchase at all.

Professional interior designers may find it easier to visualize big decor changes, but convincing clients of their vision, especially if it’s bold, is difficult.

To solve this challenge, Primer, AR home design app and studio, partnered with clé tile for its first-ever Augmented Reality integration with physical product samples.

Using App Clips, which were introduced by Apple with the release of iOS 14, Primer has integrated its ‘view in room’ AR technology with physical samples of ten clé tile products.

Each select tile sample has an App Clip Code on the back. By scanning the code with an iPhone or iPad, shoppers can instantly fit a digital swatch to their wall in AR and see exactly how the tile would look in their space at full scale with all of its details.

Most importantly, Primer takes into account real-time lighting conditions, furnishings and room layout using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors, making it possible to preview how each tile interacts with any given environment in real time, working around furniture, plants, and even pets.

Primer’s immersive try-before-you-buy experience makes it super easy for clé tile’s existing and potential clients to preview different tile options in their space; capture and share them with partners and clients; work out exactly how much tile to order with Primer’s in-camera measurements; and make bolder, more confident design and purchase decisions in less time.

“Primer has always been inspired by clé’s ability to push creative boundaries of surfaces with new materials like brass, and we are proud to give decor lovers and interior designers the ability to visualize their handcrafted tile at scale, with all of its unique details, texture, finish and sheen.” - Russ Maschmeyer, Co-founder and CEO, Primer 

"To see the nuances of the gloss and surface texture of a tile reflected in your own’s truly exciting." - Deborah Osburn, Founder, clé tile

Try it yourself: Click the links below on your iPhone or iPad (iOS 14 or later) to try on the clé tile products that are part of this collaboration, or download the free Primer app to browse our entire catalog of tile, paint and wallpaper.

cement arc federal blue + white

tea ceremony zellige 2x6 

moroccan sea salt zellige 2x6

modern farmhouse brick - matte white

cement zenith white + black

weathered white zellige 4x4

architect’s palette - blotter

natural zellige 4x4

weathered white zellige 2x6

moroccan sea salt 4x4

About clé tile

Founded in 2011, clé designs, produces, and sources artisan handcrafted tile from around the world, frequently collaborating with centuries-old makers and artists. clé is sought after by discriminating architects, designers, and homeowners who believe in using tile to tell stories, push creative boundaries, and breathe emotion and excitement into design. Its tile is known for its texture and glazes, which makes it a perfect partner for Primer’s AR technology.

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