Primer & ARKit 4

Primer makes designing and re-imaging your space fun.

We think ARKit 4 will be essential to the vision of making the virtual indistinguishable from the physical.

The new depth API’s enables us to display virtual paint, wallpaper, and tile behind existing furniture, plants, and appliances. The level of fidelity and performance are going to be transformative for consumers and pros to get an accurate sense of how home-decor products will pair with their existing home.

You know longer have to wonder, “how will this wallpaper work complement my media center?” or “how will this tile match my red stand mixer?”

Under the hood, Primer is powered by Metal. We use Metal Performance Shaders on ARKit 4’s new depth data to upscale it. The performance of Metal allows us to do an extraordinary amount of compute power instantly.

With the new advancements and a custom Metal shader, our virtual paint and wallpaper reacts in real-time to the highlights and shadows on the wall. We’re getting light and color estimation from ARKit and in Metal sampling every pixel on the virtual paint surface.

The power of the iPad Pro allows us to maintain 60 FPS while creating this magic trick.

This simply wouldn’t be possible without Apple’s powerful new API’s and hardware. We’re so excited for ARKit 4 and can’t wait to release this update to Primer with the launch of iOS 14.