Primer offers instant ‘view in room' AR experience for websites, samples, and showrooms, using App Clips in iOS 14

We've made our 'view in room' experience even better for shoppers, interior designers and brands by taking advantage of the new App Clips experience that Apple introduced with iOS 14. Using the new Primer App Clip, users can preview how new tile, paint, or wallpaper will look in any room using their iPhone or iPad.

Partnering with industry innovators Farrow & Ball and clé tile, the new Primer App Clip can be discovered and launched within seconds through the App Clip Code, which will be included on physical samples and on display in the clé tile showroom.

"Technology is increasingly integral to how people experience brands and Primer’s app and Apple’s technology offers the opportunity to test colour and pattern across whole walls and rooms. This will allow our customers to try out potential schemes or see how an idea from another home might look in their own, ultimately helping them on their decorating journey." — Anthony Davey – CEO Farrow & Ball

Primer's 'view in room' previews also takes advantage of the LiDAR scanner in iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPad Pro to enable shoppers and interior design clients with these devices to instantly visualize a product’s texture, sheen and pattern in their space at full scale, taking into account their specific lighting, furniture and layout.

Augmented reality has emerged as a powerful tool in the design industry to help clients visualize products directly in their space. Recent data from Shopify indicates that products with 3D/AR previews saw 94% higher conversion than products without 3D/AR previews, but few brands have the capital and technical know-how to build their own AR experience. At the same time, consumers don't want to install a different app for every brand they shop.

“Being able to augment our tile sampling experience with Primer and App Clips is a game-changer. In particular, to be able to see the nuances of the gloss and surface texture of a tile reflected in your own space really adds to the purchasing experience. This is just another great way in which we can push the boundaries of what is possible…" —Deborah Osburn, Founder of clé tile.

Primer’s seamless integration helps facilitate the decision making process, aiding sales reps, design professionals and DIYers while making it more fun to reimagine one's home with an instant experience.

App Clips can even been shared and directly launched from iMessage.

Try it Yourself: Click here on your iPad or iPhone (iOS 14 or later) and tap on the "view in your room with Primer" button.

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