Introducing Search & Welcoming Nottene

Search & Find Products

Today, we're introducing a new way to search and find products on Primer. Now, you can explore by color, category, and brand. Finding that specific glossy blue tile from cle just got a lot easier.

Tap the "search & find products" search field on the top of the product view to start exploring. You can either search by text or tap on a category button to see your results.

Welcoming Nottene

We're really excited to welcome Nottene to Primer, today you can start designing your space with their wallpapers. A little about Nottene:

"We want to encourage people to look for longer. Our work comes from a practice of storytelling through drawing, and we seek to evoke a range of emotions regarding history, people, and place. When images are in your home you get to look at them longer and they start to take on new meaning."

UI Update

You might have spotted we have given all of our product cards a visual update. There's now a large emphasis on featuring the real-life installation imagery. Hopefully this will give a little burst of inspiration to try that product out in your space.

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