How to boost customer confidence with Primer's Augmented Reality solution

Why Primer's AR solution is the best way to increase consumer confidence for interior design brands 

As the interior design industry almost fully moves online, brands look for new ways to create a compelling digital shopping experience. Learn how you can build trust with your potential customers, increase conversion for your online store and boost customer loyalty with Primer's Augmented Reality solution. 
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Since March 2020, home décor e-commerce has increased by 40% as physical retail spaces temporarily closed or operated at reduced capacity due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

And it is predicted that the industry will continue to grow over the coming years.

Consumer behaviour has taken an irreversible turn towards online shopping, and social distancing policies are likely to remain a part of everyday life in the post-Covid world.

In response, many interior design brands are improving their online presence, trying to stay ahead of competition and build the most compelling customer experience to get more of their website visitors converting to purchase.

Traditional ways of boosting a customer's confidence, like sharing testimonials and case studies, running webinars, providing excellent customer support and making follow-up phone calls, are a must.

But product visualization itself remains a big issue. 

Even the best photography can’t get across the full details of a product, while samples and swatches make it hard to visualize the product at full scale (not to mention that sample sourcing and distribution can be a total logistical nightmare and is bad for the environment.)

Brands and retailers end up losing out on sales as potential leads, especially those going for high-consideration purchases, are left unsure if a product they’re considering would look good in their space.

Failing to help online shoppers make confident purchase decisions can be a matter of survival for online businesses, especially small businesses.

Fortunately, this issue made way for a new solution.

Building trust and customer confidence with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is quickly becoming a preferred way of building customer confidence due to its ability to empower shoppers with a virtual try-before-you-buy experience.

By simply using a mobile device, customers can visualize any product as a virtual object in the physical world at full scale, which can be especially powerful in the context of interior design.

AR is already having a pretty direct impact on businesses’ bottom lines, driving anywhere from 40% to 200% increase conversion rates for e-commerce.

But building and maintaining a custom AR experience can be technologically and financially taxing.

Why Primer's AR solution is the best choice for interior design businesses

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At Primer, we're building an AR platform specifically for the home decor industry. 

We want to bring AR technology to every brand in a way that feels custom, but without the enormous technical lift or expense that comes with building and maintaining a bespoke AR experience.

In four to six weeks, Primer can create the most realistic AR visualizations of your products.

The visualizations react to real-time lighting conditions in your space and have all the right texture, finish and sheen, down to the finest detail, like the spacing in the strands of the grass cloth. 

The quality of these visualizations helps customers build that personal confidence in their own design decision by enabling them to instantly see exactly how their products of choice would look in their space.

But what makes Primer even more unique is its sharing functionality which helps customers to also build social confidence in their design ideas.

At a tap of a button, customers can capture their designs in AR as a photo or a video, and share them with friends, family, interior designers, contractors, by email, message or on social media.

This ability to get an instant second opinion from multiple parties gives decor lovers a way to quickly decide between multiple options and get that extra sense of approval when investing into a big purchase.

It also helps interior designers quickly share ideas with their clients and make the design process faster and more fun!

And when it comes to business owners and their brands, Primer's ability to nurture both personal and social customer confidence helps businesses meet customer needs, improve customer relationships, and boost the volume and speed of sales.

And the best part is our pricing starts at just $2 per SKU!

3 Primer AR experiences 

Now you know about the benefits of Primer, here's an overview of the three ways you can easily plug it into your business.

1. Product Webpage AR Integration

With just one line of code, Primer can easily integrate with your e-commerce store by adding 'view in room' buttons to your product pages. 

‘View in room’ button is an action button with a CTA to preview a specific product in AR.

The CTA buttons seamlessly integrate with your website, matching your branding and aesthetic, and provide a super high-quality user experience. 

Plus full implementation and technical support is on us!

Once live, your customers will be able to preview your products in AR directly from your website using an Apple device, like an iPad or an iPhone, with no app download needed.

2. AR Integration with Samples and Showrooms

If samples are an important part of your sales process, Primer can help you boost their effectiveness with AR.

By adding our unique scannable App Clip codes to your physical product samples, you can help your customers visualize them in Augmented Reality to get a sense of what they would look like at full scale.

The codes can also be added to your showroom, allowing clients to preview your products at full scale there and then.

3. Lead Generation with the Primer AR App

As a Primer partner, you will get a free branded profile page in the Primer mobile app (iOS, coming to Android soon) that will help you generate new business leads.

Primer app is our own free wallpaper, tile and wall paint visualizer that helps consumers discover quality products by the best curated brands, preview and shop them, all in one place.

We will set up your personalized profile in the app, get it approved by you and keep featuring your products in themed collections to help them get discovered by a new customer base.

The buyer personas we target are tech-savvy trade professionals and design lovers looking to decorate a new home, take on a remodel or an entire home renovation project.

Your app profile will do the work to raise your brand awareness, drive organic traffic to your brand and cultivate new customers within your target audience. 

All you have to do is sit back and relax :)

Try the Primer app

How to get started with Primer AR solutions

Whether you’re a large or small business, Primer’s AR integration is an incredible tool for building confidence in your brand and products, increasing conversion to purchase and customer satisfaction, generating positive online reviews and nurturing loyal customers.

As one of our brand partners put it: 

"With Primer, all the guesswork is removed. Primer lets people buy with confidence, and confident purchases make happy homes." - Aimee Lagos, Co-Founder, Hygge & West

Right now we’re focusing on wallpaper, paint and tile, but we'll be expanding our supported categories over the coming months to include flooring, furniture and many other items for the home, and are very excited to collaborate with more brands, big or small.

Pricing starts from just $2 per SKU. Want to know more? Get in touch!