Augmented Reality digital sample solution is a game changer for remote interior designers and brands

How Augmented Reality (AR) is helping interior designers and manufactures work with clients remotely

As working from home, closed physical spaces and online-only operations continue to be a reality for most of the world, the interior design industry looks for new digital solutions to replace physical samples and face-to-face contact. Find out about real world AR applications for interior designers and manufacturers, how AR has been helping them work remotely, and why Primer provides the best AR solution in the industry.
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When it comes to choosing materials for interior design and renovation, samples have always been an essential part of design decision making and purchasing. 

They’ve helped brands and manufacturers sell.

While interior designers and their clients could use samples to test the quality of the product and get a better sense for how the material looks and feels in real life before committing. 

But as we found ourselves in a remote work world due to the Coronavirus pandemic, shipping and getting hold of samples became very inconvenient at best, and impossible at worst.

Firstly, physical shopping spaces, showrooms and trade shows temporarily closed or started operating at reduced capacity,

Secondly, the postal and logistics services continue to face huge delays as different parts of the world remain in lockdown or have COVID-19 social distancing restrictions in place. 

So as a manufacturer, you have to hope that your samples reach your client at some point. 

And as an interior designer, all you can do is wait and hope that the physical samples (and the right ones!) will eventually arrive at your or your client’s doorstep.

Not ideal.

Of course, there are always 2D images, and many manufacturers have managed to bring their operations fully online, resulting in decor e-commerce increase by 40% since March 2020.

But we all know that even the best photographs don’t give an accurate enough representation of products, especially their details, like texture, finish and sheen.

What to do?

Augmented Reality sample solution

You most likely heard of AR experiences like the Pokémon Go craze or have seen Snapchat and Instagram AR filters.

The technology is evolving fast and is becoming ever more impressive, affordable and prolific across use cases and industries, including home decor.

In fact, Augmented Reality is uniquely positioned to solve the physical sample / digital product visualization problem for interior design services and consumers.

And it is quickly becoming a leading approach to selling, consideration and purchasing.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal has recently reported that the world-wide total market value for Augmented Reality is expected to grow to $140 billion by 2025, up from about $10 billion last year. 

With AR, interior designers and their clients can get a try-before-you-buy experience.

They can superimpose digital 3D models of products and materials onto the physical world in their view in real time and make their interior design project ideas come to life. 

Plus they can tweak and try different options in real time, manipulate the digital objects with their fingertips, move them, fill walls and resize to best fit in their environment. 

AR technology can empower brands, manufacturers, interior designers, decorators, design consultants, you name it,  to help their clients in real-time, without being physically present or needing physical samples.

So how can you get involved?

The best AR solution for the interior design industry

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Custom Augmented Reality experiences, like IKEA Place, are difficult and expensive for brands to build and maintain.

While many AR consumer platforms in the market are either not easy to use, have limited functionality or create flat overlay visualizations with poor accuracy.

At Primer, we solve both of these problems for the home decor industry and want to empower manufacturers and designers to use AR technology at scale in their everyday lives. 

Primer AR business solution for brands and manufacturers

primer render engine ar augmented reality 3d modeling

We provide high-quality affordable 3D modeling and AR solutions for brands and manufacturers, with a focus on wallpaper, tile and paint (expanding into other home decor categories soon).

We understand that every product is unique and that when it comes to AR, realism is everything. 

With the best in class AR technology, we create the most accurate 3D product renderings and realistic AR visualizations that respond to real-time lighting conditions.

So you will get to see all the product details in AR as you would with physical samples, including textures, realistic finish and sheen, down to the finest detail like the spacing in the strands of the grass cloth.

You’ll be able to preview your first product in AR in a week.

In four to six weeks, we can model an entire product catalogue with the right texture, finish and sheen, like the spacing in the strands of the grass cloth. 

And it’s more affordable than you’d think, with pricing starting from $2 per SKU!

Once 3D models of your products are ready, we can effortlessly add the AR previews into your web product pages with just one line of code.

Our AR preview buttons natively integrate with your website, matching your branding and aesthetic.

Plus we provide tech support post-integration at no cost. 

We also provide 3D renderings and photography, AR integrations with physical samples and showrooms, and a profile in the Primer Augmented Reality app to increase your reach and visibility with a tech-savvy audience of homeowners, design lovers and professionals.

Find out more.

Primer App for brands, interior designers and their clients

We’ve created a mobile app, with AR product previews and a curated marketplace, especially for brands, interior designers and their clients. 

Unlike other AR apps, Primer is super intuitive and easy to use. And of course, there's no need for wearable AR devices, like AR glasses or a headset. 

All you need to do is download the FREE Primer app on a mobile device, like an iPhone or an iPad. 

With Primer, you can explore our entire product catalogue, get inspired, try on your favourites in AR and save the best options for your interior design projects.

You or your client can also measure the project space wall by wall with our in-camera measuring tool, working out exactly how much of the product is needed and shop sustainably.

Once you have your shortlist, you can instantly share still and video design previews between yourself and your clients, your design team, other colleagues and social media accounts. 

Sharing virtual previews makes the design process smooth and fun, and is a great way to collaborate at a distance.

It removes the guesswork so there are no bad surprises or mistakes.

Plus it’s easier to agree on deliverables and makes design and purchase decisions.  

All previews are generated at a tap of a button. No need for photoshop, picture uploads or other clunky e-design software. 

Once you’ve made the selection, you can even shop directly from the app!

We're building a curated marketplace for high-quality products, including independent designers and eco and socially conscious brands. 

Right now we’re focusing on wallpaper, paint and tile, and have built some amazing partnerships with brands like, Farrow & Ball, clé tile, Eskayel and Scalamandré.

We'll be expanding our supported categories over the coming months to include flooring, furniture and many other items for the home.

Primer app is already available for Apple’s iOS devices (we're currently working on an Android version), while sending an App Clips link to view a product directly via a brand website is just as simple. 

Download the Primer App here.

Find out more about Primer 3D and AR solutions for businesses here.