3 ways to grow your home decor online business with Augmented Reality

Learn how Augmented Reality (AR) can help increase your online sales

Augmented Reality product visualizations are changing e-commerce, as consumers look for new immersive shopping experiences. There are different ways interior design business owners and marketers could adopt this technology to get more of their potential customers past checkout. Read on to find out what they are and how to get on board.
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Since March 2020, decor e-commerce has increased by 40% as physical retail spaces temporarily closed or operated at reduced capacity due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

It is predicted that the industry will continue to grow over the coming years, as consumer behaviour has taken an irreversible turn towards online shopping, and social distancing policies are likely to remain a part of everyday life in the post-Covid world.

In response, many brands are improving their online presence, from optimizing their checkout pages and adding different payment options, to upgrading their digital marketing strategy, SEO, PPC, email lists...you name it.

A great online presence is everything but more traditional methods are no longer enough to stand out in your target market, as consumers continue to look for more accurate and immersive ways to experience products digitally. 

Augmented Reality is a new leading approach to consideration and purchasing

AR technology has rapidly developed over the last few years and flat-looking overlays and paint color visualizers are truly a thing of the past.

It is now possible to capture every detail of a product in a virtual 3D model and turn it into an extremely realistic 3D visualization in Augmented Reality that adjust to the lighting conditions in real-time.

Plus there’s no need for wearable AR devices, like AR glasses or headset.

All your customers need is a mobile device, like an iPhone or an iPad, to visualize products as virtual objects in the physical world and get a try-before-you-buy experience from the comfort of their own home. 

AR is still in a pretty nascent stage, but it's predicted to overtake virtual reality very soon.

Today, there are over 1 billion devices support Augmented Reality, and by 2022 that number will surpass 3.4 billion. 

When it comes to e-commerce, AR has already been having a pretty direct impact on businesses’ bottom lines, driving anywhere from 40% to 200% increases in conversion rates.

By investing in AR now, offline and online businesses can:

  • Spruce up your homepage, optimize landing pages and engage website visitors with Augmented Reality experiences
  • Increase e-commerce sales and decrease cart abandonment by empowering online shoppers to make purchase decisions with confidence
  • Help marketers create more interactive digital content across social media platforms, email marketing, influencer and content marketing, and other physical and online marketing channels
  • Position themselves as an innovator in the industry

To name but a few benefits!

The difficulty is that building and maintaining your own bespoke AR experience can be technically and financially taxing. 

But thankfully, you don’t need to invest a lot of money into building and maintaining your own Augmented Reality app.

AR companies, like Primer, provide end-to-end 3D modelling and AR solutions that allow brands to outsource technical support and supercharge their online and even offline shopping experience with seamless AR integrations in as little as a week (pricing starts from $2/SKU!).

Our cutting-edge 'View in Room' Augmented Reality technology requires next to no effort from you, and enables interior designers and decor enthusiasts to visualize your products in their own space at a tap of a button. It's the showroom that never closes!

From 2D images to 3D objects

procedural modeling 3d augmented reality materials

Using our powerful 3D modeling software, we rapidly transform your product images into virtual objects.

All the details of every product, including texture, finish and sheen, are captured with an exceptional degree of accuracy, ready to be previewed in the real world with the help of ARKit and LiDAR technology.

Right now we’re focusing on wallpaper, paint and tile, working with amazing brands like, Farrow & Ball, clé tile, Eskayel and Scalamandré.

But we'll be expanding our supported categories over the coming months to include flooring, furniture and many other items for the home, and are very excited to collaborate with more brands, big or small!

One 3D Asset, Three Use Cases

Once you have your 3D assets, you have three different store optimization paths that will help increase sales.

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1. Product Webpage AR Integration

With just one line of code, Primer can integrate with your e-commerce store by adding 'view in room' buttons to your product pages.

‘View in room’ button is an action button with a CTA to preview your product in AR.

The buttons seamlessly integrate with your website, matching your branding and aesthetic and provide a super high-quality user experience. 

Plus full implementation and technical support is on us!

Once live, your customers will be able to preview your products in AR directly from your website using an Apple device, like an iPad or an iPhone, with no app download needed.

Unlike other AR apps, Primer also enables shoppers to share their design mockups with family, friends, interior designers or contractors, to get their feedback and reassurance.

Primer not only fills your customers with purchase confidence, but also gives you a new exciting marketing campaign hook and the option to skip on physical samples.

2. AR Integration with Samples and Showrooms

If samples are an important part of your sales process, Primer can help you boost their effectiveness with AR.

By adding our unique scannable codes to your physical product samples, you can help your customers visualize them in Augmented Reality to get a sense of what they would look like at full scale.

The codes can also be added to your showroom, allowing clients to preview your products at full scale there and then.

3. Lead Generation with the Primer AR App

As a Primer partner, you will get a free branded profile page in the Primer mobile app (iOS, coming to Android soon) that will help you generate new business leads.

Primer app is our own free wallpaper, tile and wall paint visualizer that helps consumers discover and search for specific products by our partners, preview and shop them, all in one place.

Unlike other interior design apps, Primer provides the most realistic product visualizations from high-quality curated brands and retailers.

We will set up your personalized profile in the app, get it approved by you and keep featuring your products in themed collections to help them get discovered by a new customer base.

The buyer personas we target are tech-savvy trade professionals and design lovers looking to decorate a new home, take on a remodel or an entire home renovation project.

Your app profile will do the work to raise your brand awareness, drive organic traffic to your brand and cultivate new customers within your target audience. All you have to do is sit back and relax :)

Try the Primer app

How to get started with Primer AR solutions

Whether you’re a large or small business, Primer’s AR integration is an incredible tool for increasing sales.

It helps keep target customers in the flow while they design their space in real time, leading to a rise in engagement, trust, confidence and conversion to purchase. 

For consumers and interior design professionals, our app is a great home improvement and interior design tool that gives them access to a huge database of AR-supported decor and materials, and has become a total game changer for collaborative design, both in person and at a distance.

Starting from just $2 per SKU, you can help your existing and potential customers make better design decisions, shop with more confidence, and improve conversions for your online store. 

Want to know more? Get in touch!


P.S. Some testimonials from our clients:

"Technology is increasingly integral to how people experience brands and Primer’s app and Apple’s technology offer the opportunity to test colour and pattern across whole walls and rooms." - Anthony Davey, CEO, Farrow & Ball

"With Primer, all the guess work is removed. Primer lets people buy with confidence, and confident purchases make happy homes." - Aimee Lagos, Co-Founder, Hygge & West

"To see the nuances of the gloss and surface texture of a tile reflected in your own space...it’s truly exciting." - Deborah Osburn, Founder, clé tile