New UI & Wallpaper Updates!

Today we're announcing a few updates to Primer, namely a new UI for browsing products and improvements to how we're visualizing wallpaper.‍

New UI

While we were looking at the data of how people were using Primer, we stumbled upon two realizations:

Favoriting products was a popular feature and the user-journey to access your favorites was quite tucked away.

Browsing the product collection was unnecessarily complicated. You’d see cool products in the feed but if you wanted to get granular and see products by a brand, it’d be a different screen.

With 2.1, we changed the UI to have a prominent tab-bar so browsing your favorite products is just one tap away, and we unified the inspiration feed and brand pages so it’s much easier to browse the product catalogue.

Wallpaper Updates

“I’m absolutely thrilled for my wallpapers to be included in the Primer App’s library of colors and patterns. I love the App so much. It’s ability to mock up an array of design choices right in the users own space, in a matter of seconds, is just brilliant. A must have tool for anyone looking to upgrade their place without ever having to leave the house...or couch for that matter.” - Kate Zaremba

We're excited to feature a new wallpaper collection by Kate Zaremba. One of our new favorites is Shape Theory Hunter Green and White.

As with all of our partners we want Kate’s patterns to both truly shine in the space and also be as accurate as possible so you can make ideal decisions. To that end, we’re proud to announce a new wallpaper-specific rendering pipeline which tries to capture the essence and texture of how different wallpaper types build up a surface in the light and shadow of a home.

Different wallpapers have different materials, sheens, grain, mottling, overlapping sections, printing methods, installation formats — the details are endless, and we want to take great care and pride in representing them digitally as faithfully as possible.

Last week we explained the process of taking photos and creating different texture layers.

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